Which version of CCX/CGX 2.19 to install?

My computer is an off-the shelf Windows 11 laptop with an AMD Ryzen 7 5800H processor and 16 Gb RAM. I do know this is not optimal but I think it is typical for the hardware my intended audience would be using, be it they may use an Intel I7 processor instead.
In the windows distribution of ccx/cgx 2.19 I do see four different variants of CCX and three different variants of CGX. I am not sure which one to choose. There is no info in the readme what these versions are.

I assume best choice depends on what I want to do. Let me therefore give typical example description:

The problems I want to solve is finding largest principal stress in a plate of (laminated) glass under uniform pressure load. There is symmetry in both directions in the plane of the glass, so a quarter-model can be used.
I expect to use a mesh size such that the quarter model contains about 40000 nodes, and 5500 20-node bricks.
The glass is strictly linear-elastic. Both the interlayer plies (3*500=1500 elements) and the adhesive are rubber like material that may require more complicated processing.
Load is typically a quasi-static uniform distributed pressure.
I do know that for the pressures I look at the deflection of the pane will be way way out of the linear range, so after the first ‘tryout’ runs calculation will be large deflection non-linear. I will need to look if the effects of non-linearity in the material properties is significant. The onus is on the glass. the adhesive is just to ensure somewhat realistic boundary conditions for the glass plate.

So, question is: which version to choose? any help is welcome.

Here are the contents of the package currently available for Windows (http://www.dhondt.de/calculix_2.19_4win.zip):


You should use ccx_static and cgx_GLUT since those are the standard executables.

Packages for previous versions looked different.