User subroutines in Calculix using Windows


I am new to Calculix but an experienced user of ABAQUS. I downloaded Calculix together with Prepomax pre and post-processing software and used it with no problem with some example problems. I want to work with some user subroutines and as far as I know you have to re-compile the ccx solver in order to use your own user subroutines. Does anyone have any hints on how to compile Calculix step by step on Windows?

Thanks in advance

To use subroutines you have to replace the dummy ones in the CalculiX source code with yours and then compile. Here you will find some instructions regarding compilation: Guide to compile CalculiX

Many thanks for your response. However, the guide you mention (correct me if I am wrong) is focused on a Linux environment. Is there any similar guide to compile it on Windows environment?

Check the README_Install file provided in the package with Windows distribution: