Update of Example Collection

The example collection has been updated:

  • All examples have been run with version 2.19
  • Helper scripts upgraded to Python 3
  • Tetgen is used as standard free mesher
  • Cadtools have not been tested in 2.19
  • Some examples are broken due to severe changes in *coupling MPCs with *distributing. These used to be real dof couplings, but now are just distribute loads. This feature can’t be used any more for supports.
  • The Gmsh-based virtual topology example has been upgraded to gmsh 4.9.3

Todo: Test how meanrot MPCs can replace the lost distributing dof coupling. In contrast to *distributing, the data lines of meanrot MPCs need to be generated automatically. Thus, use of CGX is mandatory.


The regression only applies to:


not to:


right ? So couldn’t the latter replace the now faulty coupling ?

As to *distributing coupling:

This is what I understand from the handbook:

  • The reference node (the single node of the coupling element) can only be used to apply loads or single point constraints.
  • It can’t be part of equations or other MPCs or of any other elements.
  • The method can’t be used as link in multibody systems.

The feature would require thorough testing, which I can’t do at the moment.

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