*TIE for only 1 DoF

How can I tie 2 surfaces together, but only w.r.t. 1 specific DoF? Moreover, this 1 DoF is w.r.t. a non-standard coordinate system, i.e. as a result of *TRANSFORM.

Example: frictionless “contact” of a bolt in a borehole. The pin is allowed to freely move in the direction of its main axis and to rotate about it, but it must follow the borehole for all other possible movements.

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Use MPC constraints instead of tie.

Thanks for the reply. I had chosen an oversimplified example. The example is now changed. Would you still say that MPCs are the easiest way to do this?

Maybe you could just use contact with some specific settings. For example, it seems to be possible to simulate no separation contact with a workaround: No separation contact

MPCs may also work, here’s a discussion about the use of them for modeling contact without actual contact algorithms: