Transfer surface pressure from CFD to Calculix

Dear all,

I’m currently dealing with a case in which I need to transfer a pressure distribution from a fluid mesh (generated with a commercial solver) to a blade solid mesh generated with Gmsh. This pressure distribution is one of the loadings of a static analysis that I have to perform on the blade. I saw that the card to be used is *DLOAD that needs the element ID, the face on which to apply the pressure and the pressure value. As the fluid and solid meshes are not conformal, I need to perform an interpolation to find the pressure value on each boundary element face, but I also need to know the face number from the solid element.

Is there someone that already tackled this case? What’s the easiest way to manage it?

Thanks in advance!

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there’s another project may you’re looking for, however CalculiX and Abaqus are not currently supported.

We have done something very similar by exporting the pressure values and making the 3d inteporlation manually with MATLAB/python/julia. Of course was an approximation, but was sufficient for our purposes