Is there something in Calculix similiar with load type label for surface-based loads - TRSHR in ABAQUS

Hi, everyone
I want to add a distributed stress load to the surfaces. In ABAQUS, there is a load type label - TRSHR to do this work, but I can’t find a similar label in Calculix. Is there anyone who knows that? Thanks!

I’m afraid that in CalculiX you would have to use the dload.f subroutine to apply this kind of load. Or some code that would convert this load to concentrated forces applied to each node on the surface. That’s because CalculiX’s DLOAD keyword doesn’t support such tractions.

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Is the shear stress assumed to be uniformly distributes or varying linearly? May *coupling keywords type distributing can be use for these specific task.

Converting to torque forces is required at the fist, thus can be apply at reference nodes. CalculiX will further calculates the equivalent nodal forces.


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