Surface Temperature for thermal analysis

Hello CalculiX community,

I am running a simple thermal simulation.
I apply some fixed temperature(1000K) at the bottom and the rest of the body is at (200K).

I let the simulation run, and get the results NT, which is the temperature at the nodes.

How can I get the temperature on the surfaces?

Just for background for why I need this:
I am trying to establish a coupled simulation between an inhouse solver for particles(XDEM) and CalculiX using preCICE.
The particles touch the solid and the temperature is to be transferred from the surface to the particles.

Thank you.

A simple way to do this without code modification or using the Interpol program is to look at the *SUBMODEL command. Make a “dummy” fine model as a cloud of points with at least one finite element, and you can map these results.

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