DFLUX example for simulating moving heat source

I am new to Calculix, so I have some basic questions:

  • Is there any example for using DFLUX subroutine to simulate a moving surface or volumetric heat flux on a plate? I am quite familiar with it from Abaqus to perform sequentially coupled thermal-stress calculations.
  • Do we need a fortran compiler?
  • If so, are there any particular free compilers you would recommend on Windows? I guess gfortran would be okay on Linux, correct?
  • Is there element birth and death (or activation) in CCX to simulate additive manufacturing (i.e., powder recoating)?

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Check this thread first: Welding analysis with DFLUX

This page
Welding analysis with DFLUX
will not help you.

I had checked that before. It is done with a tool that is referenced in Researchgate and is not available anymore. There is also a comment about using Macway, but I am not considering it right now. Is there an example input file and dflux.f function somewhere? Or the same Dflux.f in Abaqus works in CCX?

It’s not completely gone:

Something about additive manufacturing from the same author: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/319617932_Simulation_of_additive_manufacturing_using_Calculix_Procedure_to_calculate_the_temperature_distribution_during_additive_manufacturing

In that previous forum thread, you can also find a workaround in the form of manual amplitude definitions.

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@Calc_em Thank you very much for these resources!