Spooles Fatal Error

I have a large problem that runs perfectly using *STATIC. However, when I try to run an uncoupled temperature-displacement on the same geometry, I get the following error:

fatal error in ChvMananger_newObjectOfSizeNbytes

As I could verify, this is a SPOOLES error. Anyone knows how to deal with this?

Hi @cfernandes I think there is a correction on Dr. Dhondt’s website a correction to SPOOLES.2.2 for large input decks . Could you check if this fixes it?

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Hi @jbr thanks for the answer. Yes, I compiled SPOOLES with the correction proposed in website, changing util.c file. However, I got the fatal error. In meanwhile I compiled CalculiX with PARDISO and the model runs perfectly. So the problem is possibly with SPOOLES.
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@cfernandes I see. Yeah, it is likely a spooles issue. Have you tried any debugging tools? Just to get more info on the problem…