Calculix compiled from source, but test case complains about spooles not being linked?

Hello everyone!

So I was able to compile both ccx (GitHub - calculix/ccx: Originals sources for Calculix CrunchiX (ccx)) and cgx (GitHub - calculix/cgx: Community version of CalculiX GraphiX. New colormaps added.) on my Fedora 34 system using GCC 11.2 and OpenMPI-4.1.1. I copied both of the master folders into its own folder, within that folder I have Spooles-2.2 and ARPACK (both had there libs compiled by make). I was able to compile both cgx and ccx. However when I ran a test case from the example/cgx/therm folder from the example github page I run into this error:

*ERROR in nonlingeo: the SPOOLES library is not linked

This has gotten me to assume the solver can’t find spooles (when it did compile correctly). Is there an enviornment variable I need to point to my Spooles-2.2 directory?

So for some reason, CCX doesn’t like it if Spooles is in another directory even if the relavent changes were done to the Makefile, so I just moved it up one directory and reset the Makefile to default values and it started working. Also updated ccx to ccx-2.17.

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