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Hi I am working on a good size structural model using shell box beams. Some of the ends and edges are not connected to anything else and I cannot find a way to build a compound part without errors (I will attach a couple pictures of some of the details. I can close the section at the end but this is not an arcuate way to model the structure.

I am missing the partitioning tools in Abaqus right now :slight_smile:

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If you are making a medium to big complex model, I sugest you made the mesh in Salome, and then import in Prepomax to apply BC and solve. And if you can spare a little of money, use Mecway FEA in place of Prepomax if is a complex mesh, will save you a lot of time. I model complex structures and is my standard procedure


hi, many external software discussed here. did not know if this is appropriates and ethics or not, since CalculiX has a dedicated interfaces known as GraphiX or CGX.

if it’s doesn’t matter, may this video demos could help.

YouTube - Prepomax & Calculix, Shell Features

The issues were related to partitioning, I ended up rebuilding the model to be a bit more simple (just single shell beams, not tubes) and cut it into 400 parts in CAD so that it would convert into a single part without errors. This works just fine and it runs in 90 seconds.

I have been talking with Matej and there will be automatic tie functionality before long, that would have greatly simplify this particular project. I was also able to mesh this in Netgen so that is another option.

There are many different ways to produce input files for the Calculix solver, at this moment I am using PerPoMax as it is a interesting project. I may change my mind but so far it is generally working just fine. I should test out some of the other options but would rather focus on solving problems than mess around with all the possible options.


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For simple partitioning, PrePoMax has a feature to divide a face using a projected line between two existing vertices. This is unfortunetelly the only option for now. It can be found under Geometry->Split a Face using Two Points.