Principal stresses

By calculating a 3d model with calculix I can visualize the principal stresses and the principal strains. However, the output .frd file does not include them, it only contains the components of the tensors. Is there a way to get the main values in a file?

You probably have to look at the table for the *NODE FILE card.
Check this,
a bit dated though.

Thanks for answering. But, if I’m not wrong, with * NODE FILE you can get the tensor values, and the worst principal stress and strain values (only in certain cases), not each of the three principal stress and strain values. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

As far as I know, you have to calculate them yourself.


I would like to know where to find the plastic strain tensor components.
I can see the equivalent plastic Strain (PEEQ) is available so I suspect those components should be somewhere. I can’t find them.



you may try this: GitHub - calculix/ccx2paraview: CalculiX to Paraview converter (frd to vtk/vtu). Makes possible to view and postprocess CalculiX analysis results in Paraview. Generates Mises and Principal components for stress and strain tensors.

or Calculix Extras -

Try add SDV to *EL FILE

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CalculiX CrunchiX only provides the stress components. The principal stresses, von Mises stress etc. are calculated in CalculiX GraphiX. The plastic strain components are available through SDV (cf. Documentation, section on materials).

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Thank you everybody for your response.

I have been able to find the plastic strain tensor inside the SDV internal variables.

EDITED: Storage criteria

SDV 11,22,33,12,13,23

I,m requesting *EL PRINT SDV and the .dat file it’s empty.
*EL FILE SDV works fine and generates the .frd

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