Prepomax: Yellow triangle close to the CAD name

What is the meaning of the yellow triangle close to the part name of the CAD while importing a step file in prepomax? I see this for all the CAD i’m trying to omport and the mesh of the specific component is not working. Could be a model issue or it cam be solved in prepomax itself?
Thank you

It indicates issues with the geometry. There’s not much you can do about it in PrePoMax. You should take a closer look at the geometry, simplify it and fix any issues that can prevent successful meshing. That’s a job for your CAD software.

I can open it and mesh it properly using a different software, so i think the CAD has no issues. Could the problem be that the CAD is too complex as geometry (many fillets, many surfaces)?

Hard to say without seeing the model. There might be just some small edges/faces making it difficult for meshing. Try reducing the element size significantly, maybe applying some local refinement to regions with small details.

3d file compatibility between many CAD software to be meshed, still an issue reported due to small gaps of edge faces, double edges, etc. The problem comes from different geometric modeling kernel.

for geometric repairing, someone can try NetGen for simple problems of healing. In cases not succeed, probably a further investigation and repairing with Analysis Situs can help.