OpenVSP coupled with Calculix


I’m trying to couple OpenVSP with Calculix in a headless system. So far I managed to create a script, which creates the input file for Calculix, but the results for the FEM solver is negligible. I know, OpenVSP has an inbuilt calculix solver, but a bug/script error prevents it from working.

Does anybody managed to couple Calculix with OpenVSP? If yes, can you tell me how did you do it or where did i go wrong?

My process is the following:
-Running the VLM solver with VSPAero and applying the loads.
-Running the .inp file ccx
-Running the static.inp and buckle.inp with ccx

Any answer, advice is greatly appriciated.

I thought your question in openvsp group has already been answered.

Yes, i got some answers, but i still have the same error. I tough asking the question here should not be a problem.

What do you mean by the results from the FEM solver is negligible? Have you checking using VSPViewer whether your applied loads are the correct magnitude and locations?

Maybe an input deck would be good to understand what is going on, and an explanation of what are your expected results.