Centrif with contact, no convergence

Hello, I am new to the world of FEA analysis and calculix. Though I am really amazed what can be done with this software!
I modelled a rotor with a magnet in FreeCad and wrote the centrifugal load into the “.inp file” afterwards. The preprocessor of calculix shows the model just nice, but the solver doesn’t reach convergence.
Does anybody know if I made some major mistake here?

I uploaded both the FreeCad and the “.inp file” to my github.

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What version do you use, my version 2.17 reach convergence (" Job finished")?

Thank you very much!! Now I know, that I’m not doing something wrong in general!

I am using ccx2.13 as I couldn’t find a newer version for windows.
Am I right in believing you did the analysis on linux?
How long did it take to process on how many cores?

It took 19 seconds on my i5-4300M (2 cores) with PaStiX on Windows 10.

Look at this: http://www.dhondt.de/calculix_2.17.1_4win.zip

Yes! That did it for me! Thank you very much for your support!