Meshing Techniques in Prepomax and FreeCAD:

I am currently exploring Prepomax and FreeCAD. Could someone help me understand whether they share the same meshing tool or employ distinct meshing techniques. Additionally, if they use different meshers, I am interested in knowing which meshing tools they each use.


They both use Netgen and Gmsh. PrePoMax also uses mmg but only for shell STL files. PrePoMax now supports hexa meshing algorithms offered by Gmsh.

When I try to mesh using the same meshing parameters in both PrepoMax and FreeCAD, I notice differences in node and element counts, even though I’ve set identical meshing configurations. What could be reason for these variations?

Some (even internal) default settings can be different. If you want to use the same mesh in both PrePoMax and FreeCAD, you should generate it in one software and import to another.