Intel oneAPI MKL

I updated the Intel MKL to the latest version and Calculix won’t run now. It says it can’t find the mkl dll. I see the name is different. All the new ones have the number 1 in the names. Other than uninstalling the latest version and re-installing the old version, are there any other ideas? thanks

I tried making a copy of the file and renaming it. That seemed to work. It’s solving now. So just to clarify:

Renamed; intel_mkl_thread.1.dll to intel_mkl_thread.dll

hmm, it’s running 5 mins longer on a test model i use. I wonder if there are other files that need to be renamed. this is a screenshot of the files in the latest version of the Intel oneAPI MKL. maybe the next version of Calculix will find the new files by default.

i tried adding a few more paths and that seemed to fix the problem. so the three paths i have now are:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Intel\oneAPI\mkl\2021.1.1\redist\intel64
C:\Program Files (x86)\Intel\oneAPI\mkl\2021.1.1\include
C:\Program Files (x86)\Intel\oneAPI\mkl\2021.1.1\lib\intel64

i’m not sure if the last two are needed or just one of them. but since it’s working, i’ll leave it alone.

update; I ran 5 tests. three of them I used the computer while it solved. in those cases, it was about 7 mins slower to solve. if I didn’t use the computer, it solved in about the same time as the last intel mkl. so the additional paths may not be necessary.

As you mentioned, I also needed to adjust my Makefile to locate some libraries. fyi, The intel MKL link advisor becomes very useful:

So I did more testing and the only thing you need to do to get it to work is rename:

intel_mkl_thread.1.dll to intel_mkl_thread.dll

and add the following environment variable:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Intel\oneAPI\mkl\2021.1.1\redist\intel64

there is no solve time improvement from the previous version of the intel mkl though.

In my case the modal analysis were done slightly faster, but that might be that I link to the MKL Arpack rather than the one contained in CCX.

i don’t build it. i run the windows version that is pre-compiled. i believe it uses the Intel MKL version of the PARDISO solver. not sure about the modal analysis solver it calls. i didn’t benchmark that.

Update; I just ran a model and it looks like the PARDISO solver is also used for pre-stressed modal analysis.

The Intel MKL runtime download is really confusing now. Does anyone know which of the following the PARDISO Windows version of CCX needs?

I think the Intel MKL should be now part of the oneAPI package PARDISO.

thanks. i was wondering if the intel mkl was in any of the distributions. however, for now, i have the intel mkl installed with the oneapi base toolkit. in doing this, i found out something awesome. you can use all the intel compilers for free now. with Fortran codes that I write, the Intel compiler run times are up to 3x faster than gfortran. so i have two intel oneapi downloads installed. the base toolkit and the fortran compiler.


In my Windows 10, it is called mkl_intel_thread.1.dll

Which compiler you are using?
Has anyone done with intel compiler (under WIndows 10)?

i don’t compile ccx. i use the pardiso version from the website. i have to make a copy of the mkl dll and rename it, taking out the 1.