Friction Stir Welding

I was wondering if any of you have had some experience with modeling Friction Stir Welding with Calculix. I know there are some options in Abaqus to model this and was hoping someone could get me started in doing the same with Calculix.

I think my most important question is how can I model the heat generation due to friction. One option for sure is to model this via DFLUX subroutine, but I was wondering if there is a method without using subroutines. To my understanding, Abaqus utilizes a Dynamic, Temp.-Displacement, Explicit step to simulate this and I am wondering what the equivalent in Calculix would be. Basically what I am interested in doing is something like this: Metals | Free Full-Text | A Finite Element Model to Simulate Defect Formation during Friction Stir Welding

Thanks for any input!

CalculiX doesn’t have a thermomechanical explicit dynamics analysis procedure so you would have to use the implicit one. But heat generation due to friction can be modeled using the *GAP HEAT GENERATION keyword. Check it in the documentation.

Hi @Calc_em. I looked into it and it seems pretty much what I need. Thank you very much for pointing this out!