Exporting young's modulus values


is there a possibility to export the young’s modulus values and the corresponding coordinates in a file?

With cgx yes. Read the inp file

cgx -c file.inp
There type:
prnt mat
and you see the recognized materials
Use the name to create a graph:
graph name mat
and a file with the data is also written to the file system (name_elastic.out)

Thanks, but your procedure just writes the defined material in a file, if I have done it right. This is not exactly what I want. Maybe there are not enough details in my first post, sorry.

I defined a temperature dependent material, and some initial temperature conditions.

*Material, Name=MatElem1
210000.0,0.3, 200
0.1,0.3, 300

I guess ccx calculates the young’s modulus and poisson ratios for each element (or integration points) in dependency of the defined temperature. Is it possible to get the calculated values for the young’s modulus at the x/y/z coordinates of the integration points or element-number wise?

I need something like this:

Elementnr. (or coordinates of integration point)----------|-------youngs modulus

1 (or x,y,z)----------------------------------------------------------|-------208005

2 (or x,y,z)----------------------------------------------------------|-------218735

and so on

The exemplary values 208005 and 218735 appears not in the input file, due to temperature dependency