Deep drawing problem with removing contact

Hello everyone,

I’ve a problem with my results when simulating a deep drawing process of a foil.
After the stamp has moved into the die I remove the contacts between the tools and the foil for checking the permanent deformation.
But when I remove contact the deep drawn foil moves far downwards as you can see in the picture below.
Does anyone know what it could be?


Have you tried to fix a node of the foil when you remove the contacts?

¿Is your deformation scale when postprocesing the results set to 1?

To simulate springback, you could withdraw the tools or deactivate their elements (*MODEL CHANGE). In Abaqus, the import feature is used instead (the deformed shape of the blank is imported with a material state to another analysis, usually from the explicit to the implicit solver).

If I withdraw the tools when the Contact ist still activated, the tool pulls the foil back. I tried to deactivate the Elements of the tools instead of the contact, but I get a segmentation fault.

Try to add gravity to your model