Datasets-> -Entity- -> 1 D1

I am curious, and cannot find an answer in manuals not cgx nor ccx, where does the data for Datasets->-Entity–>1 D1 come from? How can I change data for D1?

D1 is d for dispacemament and and number 1 means in x-direction
i think you 're working with cgx !?
you can change when you go to dataset and change from displacement to stress and so on

Your answer is like a relief to me, so it will take time to read the article. And, yes I work with cgx. Thank you.

The article is great to point out some hints. But when I wrote my question I thought not only of D1 but also of D2, D3, D4. cgx manual says of predefined calculations which can be referred with any of these big d’s. As you put it
D1 is d for displacement and and number 1 means in x direction, then I have
D2 displacement in y direction
D3 displacement in z direction

And still I have 4 All, where do it come from and what data is in it? The article did not say anything about.

There is ds command yet which is out of my understanding yet, too.

I’m not sure what you need,
but there is another example:

and what could help is these here:



and if you look now for those commands *node file and *el file you find more answers
or check these out: GitHub - calculix/CalculiX-Examples: CalculiX examples by Prof. Martin Kraska from Brandenburg University of Applied Sciences. Excellent starting point to master parametric modelling with CGX and CCX.

these is the way
winter is comming

Thank you. I am on it.

Why all of the material on CalculiX is so questionable? Winter? Prof Martin Kraska did all to put a shadow on the way to draw deformed shapes. Or it is a price of free software?