Doubt about userbeam.inp (U1) from ccx test

Hi all,

Using userbeam.inp from ccx test I have a doubt or a misunderstanding of this CalculiX user type U1 feature.

If in userbeam.inp example I change *CLOAD argument from 2,2,1. to 2,3,1. I expected to obtain the same absolute values for displacements and section forces (sign and position may change). For displacements this effectively happens, but not for sections forces. I expected the same absolute results because properties given in *BEAM SECTION are symmetrical (same moment of inertia for local 1-direction and local 2-direction).

Am I misunderstanding something?


I can confirm this. It seems to be a bug. Here are the results for the first case (load in 2nd direction):

And here are the results for the second case (load in 3rd direction):

Apparently, this bug is fixed in CalculiX 2.18. Unfortunately, the other one related to this element type (link below) still persists.