Gmsh inp to calculix inp


does someone knows how to convert a gmsh inp to calculix inp ELEMENT, TYPE=CPS8(my case’s meshes and boundary note is generated by gmsh ) ? I have tried 3D model, but the contact of my reaction force is too smaller than the my real value.So,I wanna to try the 2D plannar to check this reaction force value.

Hi @caeplayer, you could just create 2D elements in gmsh and export it as *.inp file. Then, you can go into the element definitions and change them to whatever you need. Remember that 2D elements are expanded to full 3D elements in CalculiX- check the manual.
If you have a *.geo file and *.inp file that can be shared, maybe someone can look at it and point you in the right direction.
Good luck!

Hi, @caeplayer,

Please, have a look on this converter:

Maybe you can improve it to be applied to CPS8 elements. Or at least test it.

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