Change or new amplitude curve after restart

Dear colleagues

I am currently working on an FSI case with CalculiX/OpenFOAM/Precice and I need to use a high deformation preload as a starting situation. To do this, I would like to perform some restarts in which I adjust the amplitude function of the preload after a restart. Since the amplitude functions are defined before the step card, I probably won’t be able to change them. Are there other ways in Calculix to make adjustments to the loads after a restart here? For example, can I define a new amplitude function at restart and assign this new amplitude function to the load? Or does CalculiX ignore all entries before the step card in case of a restart?
Thanks Ulrich

Actually, amplitudes can be defined both on the model and step definition level:


It’s not mentioned in the documentation but it will work if you define new amplitude in the input file for restart analysis. Give it a try.

Thanks a lot, yes it works. Ulrich