Change Material Properties at Restart

I’m using Calculix coupled with OpenFOAM to run some FSI simulations. I have a guess for the Young’s Modulus, but am really trying to use the simulations to tune this material parameter based on deformation. It would make my life much easier if I could restart from a previous run and modify the Young’s Modulus before performing the next step. Is this possible? If so, how?

in the manual you can find the keyword *restart,
maybe these helps for the beginning:

Keyword type: prestep (*RESTART,READ), step (*RESTART,WRITE)
Sometimes you wish to continue a previous run without having to redo the
complete calculation. This is where the *RESTART keyword comes in. It can
be used to store results for a later restart, or to continue a previous calculation.


Yes, I’m aware of the RESTART keyword and I have successfully restarted a case from a previous run. The issues is that restarting a simulation from a previous time step brings with it that previous simulation’s material properties definition. If one attempts to add a MATERIAL keyword after the RESTART keyword, Calculix informs you that this is not permitted. The MATERIAL keyword must be used in the model definition section of the input deck and the RESTART keyword automatically progresses you to a STEP (after model definition).

There is a CHANGE MATERIAL keyword, but the documentation explains that “Right now, only plastic data of an elastically isotropic material with explicitly defined isotropic or kinematic hardening data can be changed.”

I’m beginning to think there is no way to change the elastic material properties of a simulation begun with a RESTART. Can anyone confirm?

Material properties can’t be changed in restart analysis. There are some ways to model time-dependent Young’s modulus but not during restart.

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