Can CalculiX model a permanent magnet?

Can CalculiX model a permanent magnet?

I have used the *ELECTROMAGNETICS procedure to run an induction problem, with a conductor in air, similar to the inductionN.inp examples. But I am not as clear on how to model a bar magnet in air.

I am trying to use FEMM to model a bar magnet, then match this with Calculix.
My hope is that I can then extend this past FEMM’s 2D limitations.

FEMM requires 2 properties of the magnet:

  • The relative magnetic permeability (μr) of the magnet

  • The coercivity (Hc) of the magnet

I do not see a capability to consider Hc in Calculix.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
If someone has a complete working example I would gladly accept, no shame here :slight_smile: