preCICE Workshop 2021 - Coupled simulations with CalculiX

Dear CalculiX Community,

You may have heard of preCICE, which is an open-source coupling library for partitioned multi-physics simulations, including, but not restricted to fluid-structure interaction and conjugate heat transfer simulations.
Partitioned means that preCICE couples existing programs/solvers capable of simulating a subpart of the complete physics involved in a simulation. This allows for the high flexibility that is needed to keep a decent time-to-solution for complex multi-physics scenarios.
The software offers convenient methods for transient equation coupling, communication, and data mapping.

CalculiX has always been a strong pillar of our community and its preCICE adapter is directly maintained by us. It has proven to be a good tool for both the initial contact with partitioned cases and for running real-world simulations. Many of our FSI and CHT tutorial cases couple it with OpenFOAM. We also employed it intensely during the training session of the last preCICE workshop.
Please also have a look at our user stories, which often use CalculiX in their coupled simulations.

Continuing from the success of the preCICE Workshop of February last year, we announced the 2nd preCICE Workshop to be held from the 22nd to 25th of February 2021 in a purely virtual format. The last workshop showed us the diversity of users from across the globe, and we are excited to continue to interact with all users/developers/interested-persons and enthusiasts of preCICE.
We will once again be including a mixture of talks, including developer and user talks, and hands-on workshop sessions.

You can find more information regarding the registration on our website.
We look forward to welcoming back previous participants, introducing more members to the preCICE community and further welding our communities together.

Kind regards,
The preCICE Team


Thank you for sharing this info, it’s much appreciated

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Hi, I hope some of you managed to attend the workshop!

We finally made the recorded talks of the workshop freely available on the preCICE Youtube channel.
Please feel invited to check out the playlist of the preCICE Workshop 2021.

Especially interesting for the CalculiX community could be the talk by U. Heck and M. Becker Transfer of FSI coupling with preCICE, OpenFOAM and CalculiX to industrial applications.

Best regards,