Using Abaqus VUMAT files in CalculiX

Hello Everyone,

Does anyone have experience using Abaqus VUMAT files in CalculiX? I am looking for example files to get going.

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I haven’t found any mention of VUMAT (UMAT for explicit solver) in CalculiX. You could follow the description in the documentation for UMAT and try running it in explicit analysis. Maybe it will work or will just require some adjustments.

Many thanks @Calc_em. I gave it a go before but did not get things up running. I will step away from it for a few days and have another go.

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Hello @Calc_em,
I chose to write a generic UMAT wrapper that calls the VUMAT file in CalculiX. I am still testing but will share once I am done.

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hello @JWilliams

did VUMAT working in CalculiX? i’m also interested in improved version of Concrete Damage Plasticity (CDPM2)


Hello @xyont,

Apologies for the delayed response. It did not work as expected and I went back to the Mazars from MFront. I can share the files next weekend.

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it’s ok, thank you for confirmed and initiate to share MFront.