Use CalculiX to give presribed motion

Hi, I understand that CalculiX is used in FSI to give to deformation. I’m testing it in CalculiX + OpenFOAM + preCICE. I was wondering if it’s possible to give a prescribed deformation in CalculiX. Reason is because I’m trying to use the RBF mesh deformation routine but somehow it doesn’t work on its own without CalculiX and preCICE.


In CalculiX, you can apply a boundary condition (*BOUNDARY) to enforce motion of a set of nodes in one of the global or local coordinate system directions. Amplitudes can be used to control that motion in time.

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@Calc_em Thanks for the reply, that’s great. May I know if there’s a similar tutorial or guide whereby I can follow? I’m still very new to CalculiX.

I’ve found Prof. Kraska’s calculix examples very helpful.

And in my own calculix templates repository, there is a steps subdirectory that has templates for:

  • linear buckling
  • cload
  • displacement
  • dload
  • frequency
  • gravity
  • thermal