Temperature based stress / yield stress (or uts) plots with cgx?

Using CalculiX, it’s possible to derive stress values by incorporating temperature-sensitive material properties such as elasticity modulus, Poisson’s ratio, thermal conductivity, and thermal conductance. Additionally, I’m interested in obtaining a specific stress component divided by the local yield stress (or ultimate tensile strength), that also vary with temperature. While CalculiX does not have specific keywords for temperature based yield stress or ultimate tensile strength such as *YIELD STRESS similar to *ELASTIC, if the material data are available, could they be utilized to generate the desired ratio plots using CalculiX GraphiX? Thanks.

Plasticity data may also be specified with temperature dependence:

stress_1, strain_1, temperature_1

Regarding plots, I don’t know what GraphiX can do because I don’t use it but in ParaView, you can create your own outputs based on equations using the Calculator filter.

I don’t beleive you can do this directly in the calculix environment. You’d have to do it outside and append the result to the frd file.