Submodel example file

Is there somewhere a sample file to download where *SUBMODEL CARD is used?

Yes, there are such cases in CalculiX test examples package:

  • submodelbeamp.inp - cantilever beam, calculation of section forces
  • submodelbeampdouble.inp - as above, master model stored in double precision
  • submodeltwobeam.inp - one beam consisting of two parts glued together with MPC’s
  • submodeltwobeamnlgeom.inp - as above, with geometric nonlinearity
  • beamf3submodel.inp - cantilever beam, eigenfrequencies and eigenmodes
  • beamfsubmodel.inp - as above, without the second (perturbation) step

thanks alot! havent seen them mentioned in the documentary. its always the others fault…

@paffins, when reading the documentation, it helps me go to the *KEYWORD that I need to use since Dr. Dhondt gives a list of tested examples at the end of explaining how to use them. Another method is downloading the example files from the CalculiX website and searching for the given keyword (using grep or something similar).


In this case, there are no examples listed in the documentation:

But I’ve found the aforementioned files in the test examples package by searching by name.

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thats good advice. methodical approaches are *KEY :rofl:

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