Save mesh and stress / Activation of contact during simulation


I’m working on a configuration similar to a valve where my initial geometry has its two branches interpenetrating each other which is not the “real” configuration.

The real configuration is the moment where the valve is in closed position with both branches in contact at their tips. I can’t run a simulation with contact activated if the master and slave surfaces are interpenetrated so my idea is to run a first simulation where I open the valve by applying pressure.

Then I save the mesh in open position with the stress associated to create a new simulation where I turn off the pressure and activate the contact to let the branches go down in dynamic
and create my close configuration.

My idea was to use the RESTART function to activate contact but apparently it’s not possible to change the setting during a restart.

Also, I tried to use in cgx the command send all abq to save the mesh in open position, but then I loose all the entities I created so I can’t define anymore my contact…

I appreciate any hints.

You could start your simulation with the two parts separated enough to have the tips in free state condition without touching, then do an initial step were you move your parts to the initial real position, so the tips will get in contact and compute the stress at the base of the tips. Then you could do a second step with the actual loads on the parts. The trick is making a multistep simulation to keep the stress/deformation, and start with the part not in real position, but one that leave you the tips in real free state.


@irphe, I would have done it the same way as @SergioP describes here.

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