Results/Initial values at the start of the analysis

I was looking into this question a while ago but found no solution. So maybe someone else knows the solution. Is there a way to get the results - node or element outputs - at the time 0 of the first analysis step. The results at time 0 are usually not interesting so CalculiX does not write them out. But if you have an *Initial condition defined, it should be possible to output the results at time 0. Is it?


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you can try to check your result with prepomax !?
i thought there are results also with t=0 !?
so it could be possible

Yes, but it is an artificially created result with all values equal to 0. No actual results are used.

Looking at the heat transfer analysis where the initial temperature is important to visualise I am wondering how to do it. Is there a way to do it using CGX?

In the dynamic drop impact analysis, when the initial velocity was set in the direction of gravity with “* INITIAL CONDITIONS, TYPE = VELOCITY” (for example -8.8573811) and the analysis was performed, but the velocity was 0 at t = 0 in the result file.
I think that the velocity at t = 0 should be the set velocity (for example -8.8573811).

Yes, I agree. If you used PrePoMax you got the wrong results for Step 1, Increment 0. Now, PrePoMax returns 0 for all result fields. I am thinking of changing this behaviour since it not possible to output the results values at time 0 of the first step in the CalculiX.

I imagine that this problem with the default temperature and velocity is not a problem on the PrePoMax, but simply a problem on the CalculiX. (I just only imagine.)

Yes, I was in contact with Guido and he confirmed that this is not possible in the CalculiX at the moment. So it is also not possible in PrePoMax.