QUE8 with shell behaviour

is it possible, to use QUE elements for thin-shell structure
like a tube, silo or a cylindrical structure?

wbr dichtstoff

What are these elements ? I can’t find them in the documentation or anywhere else.

these are quadrangle plain strain elements,
generated with “elty all QU8E” you get *ELEMENT, TYPE=CPE8, ELSET=Ecircle

wbr & thnx

All right, so those are actually regular 8-node plane strain elements. They are meant for long structures so tube or other cylindrical vessel could be modeled with these elements. You just have to make sure that the section being analyzed has sufficiently dense mesh which might be a bit more difficult for thin-walled structures. However, the gain in computation time thanks to the omission of the third dimension makes even very dense meshes easy to use.

You just have to make sure that the loading is applicable to plane strain condition (acts at the whole length of the structure) and be careful with boundary conditions (use symmetry whenever possible).

thx for your help. I have tried to apply a boundary with RIGID BODY,
but these is not working with plane strain elements?
Is these correct? Maybe because the CPE
elements are internal expanded?


Rigid body constraint works with plane strain elements as well, I just checked it to make sure. Did you get any error messages ?

no error,
i fixed the refnode with but there was still displacement.
I’ll check again.
thnx a lot,
if i don’t get it fixed, I’ll post my file.
thnx a lot.