Performance of CalculiX


i achieved to compile CalculiX with Pardiso and PaStiX for Windows. Therefore i used cygwin on Windows.
Sadly, my performance is not comparable with the precompiled from the website.
The lack of performance is independent from the used solver, but the differences increases the more CalculiX (or Arpack) has to do. For a Steady State Analysis this results to only 1/4 of the performance.
I already tried to activate all possible improvements.

Are there any tips to improve the performance?
Which platform (cygwin, msys, mingw64) and which version of arpack has been used to compile the version from the website? Have been made any changes to the makefile that comes with CalculiX?
I would appreciate to get an insight of how to compile CalculiX properly to get the best possible performance.

Thanks in advance

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Arpack is from (repo package):

Optimization flags for the website version: -O2 -march=nocona -mtune=generic, like from ( 2022-10-18 - New minimum hardware requirements) News - MSYS2

Try (example): -Ofast -march=haswell -mtune=intel

cygwin → need cygwin dll library
msys2/mingw → need build-in windows msvcrt.dll or ucrt.dll (therefore it is easier to distribute the executable)

Is the version you compiled actually using all the cores on your PC?