Making pretty report printouts

I am looking for a way to get pretty numeric report printouts, with appropriate headings for the tables, etc. I want to use Calculix in a FEM course so I want the students to work with the numbers and not color coded figures, at least for some things. It looks like there is formatting information on some of the ASCII files but I don’t know what app to use to get it to be pretty and they seem to lack headers.

AH! Okay, I found my problem. It’s been a few years since I used Calculix but now I know what I need to do. Thanks to all who read through this trying to figure out what I was asking.

Can you say what your solution is ? It might be useful for other people looking for the same thing in the future.

Sure. Actually I was looking in the wrong file and I had not requested that the displacements and forces be printed in the output file. So looking at the ascii .frd file made it look like there were no headers and that there might be some encoding of formatting. Looking at the abundant examples helped find the problem. (Plus you can copy some commands directly from the examples.)