CalculiX patch for VTK output (for an info)


i just found an interesting new project at GitHub, is a patch for CalculiX to VTK output formats. did not try yet, since i’m not expert in deployment.

CalculiX has many supported mesh format to export (e.g Nastran, Code_Aster, etc) but none for another output results format. even a few exporter available out there, still may useful if done inside CalculiX.

hope it will be officially supported for the next future release.



You need for this version Intel MKL PARDISO files:

I have not tested

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thanks a lot @rafal.brzegowy i will try & test all feature output.

Thanks a lot @rafal.brzegowy for your work, have tested and saddly none of the result VTK files can be opened in Salome Paravis. For a no lineal case it gives me an error “vector too long”, and for a basic lineal test it open the file, but none of the field variables are available. Should the input file be modified to produce valid VTK results?

Have you guys tried ccx2paraview ?