Influence of electricity filed on stiffness of flexible material

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I wonder if CalculiX can simulate such a problem: the deformation of a flexible plate composing of dielectric elastomer generator. As shown in the following figure, a constant force is applied on the ends of the flexible plate. In addition, an electric field of voltage V acts on the plate. We know the electricity filed has effects on the stiffness of flexible plate. My questions is whether CalculiX can consider the impact of electricity field on the stiffness of flexible plate? If so, how to achieve this target? Any advice is greatly appreciated!!

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It can’t be simulated directly because the capabilities of CalculiX in terms of electrical analyses are very limited (Elmer is better in this area) and there are no couplings between electrical and mechanical fields or properties. But for this simple problem maybe you could calculate the stiffness change manually and then include it in a purely mechanical analysis.

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