How about defining categories?

Hi, now that there is a more powerful forum, what about defining categories to get the posts more organizated? Maybe:

Anuncements and news
CCX (Use)
CCX (Compiling and user routines)
CCX Featured Examples
CGX (Use)
CGX (Compiling)



…plus category ‘Others’

Any plans to include feature requests? Or reporting issues?

Yes, that will be great, something like “Related tools” to catch up all the issues and news on tools like your CAE prepocessor, Calmed, Unical, Prepomax, Mecway (well, that has a great forum), Salome and Paraview interaction.


Feature request => New features
Reporting issues => That not fall under “CCX use”? Or should be promoted from CCX use to Reporting issues when they become clear that is not a doubt but an issue?

I am against “sub-forums” in low traffic forums like this. Nobody bothers to click to through sub-forums to read messages . Having everything in one forum ensures everyone will see it.

An alternative you can have in Discourse is tags. See, for example, here:

We also use categories, but we introduced them after a few months, when it was clear from the existing threads what categories we would need.

I am happy to contribute to such questions with my little Discourse experience, simply tag me whenever needed.