Getting CalculiX v2.19 in to Debian experimental/unstable

Hello CalculiX community. Was wondering if anyone was interested in helping to get CalculiX more homegenized in the opensource package ecosystem. Currently this is the status of how it’s doing

Packaging status

The clincher is that if we get it in to Debian experimental/unstable, it will propagate through all the derivative distros (which includes as you know Ubuntu)

Here is the Debian Science maintainer git repo for calculix-ccx: Debian Science Team / calculix-ccx · GitLab

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Anyone in this forum know of packagers in the Debian Science Team ?

I’m planing to email the debian science team mailing list. If there is anyone here that is interested to express their solidarity with the request that would be appreciated. I’ll post the link soon.


Good news: I contacted a Debian Science Maintainer who has bumped the package with a v2.19 update that is pending (Debian Package Tracker)

See Calculix is currently at 2.19 why doesn't the repo reflect that? · Issue #4 · calculix/ccx · GitHub


Mission accomplished. CalculiX-ccx v2.19 is in Debian experimental :partying_face:


:clap: :ok_hand:

Thank you very much Luzpaz


Great! Is it possible to add the executable with the Pardiso solver? You can download that from here:

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Is this available elsewhere in the package ecosystem?

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Pardiso is not open source, unfortunately.

Intel has a version which is free to use, but still not open source: PARDISO* - Parallel Direct Sparse Solver Interface

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