"follower" *transform


¿Is there a way to update the local axis definition during a nonlinear analisys?

I mean to use points for the *TRANSFORM definition that belong to the body and that can update according to the model behaviour . A follower local axis

*TRANSFORM,NSET=No1,TYPE=R (or (C) (inside de step to be able to update)
x0.,y0.,z0.,X0.,Y0.,Z0. (Points defining the axis as node numbers not fixed coordinates.)

Even in Abaqus those local coordinate systems are fixed:

The transformed coordinate system is always a set of fixed Cartesian axes at a node (even for cylindrical or spherical transforms). These transformed directions are fixed in space; the directions do not rotate as the node moves. Therefore, even in large-displacement analysis, the displacement components must always be given with respect to these fixed directions in space.

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