Folder cgx_2.17/netgen not present

I am following the instructions to build cgx_2.17. It says that I can additionally/alternatively build ng_vol instead of the supplied tetgen because it allows tet-meshing with a target-element-size. Therefor, according to the instructions, a source file shall be replaced:

Replace the src file with the one located in the folder cgx_2.17/netgen and build it in the netgen directory.

However, there is no cgx_2.17/netgen directory. Has ng_vol become obsolete?



interesting features were i also seeking for. especially in quadrangle dominate capabilities of Netgen.

someone stored CGX source codes at GitHub, seems right ng_vol.cpp files did not available since 2.12 versions.

i did not know the compatibility issues with latest version of CalculiX GraphiX, it need a try.


Tetgen supports a target-element-size out of the box. Only the netgen mesher would need an update. I include the netgen files in 2.18 again.

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I add tetgen 1.6 packages to mingw from msys2: