Is there a way to extract energy output in CalculiX?
Similar to what ABAQUS does under the history output requests.

Or, alternatively, does anyone know, how is each energy component computed in ABAQUS?


CalculiX has some output variables for energies but far less than Abaqus. Check the User’s Manual paragraph 6.13 Output variables. Here are the energies that I’ve found there:

  • contact energy: CELS
  • kinetic energy: ELKE
  • internal energy: ELSE
  • internal energy density: ENER

When it comes to the way energies are calculated in Abaqus, I don’t think you will be able to find any details other than general description of each energy output variable and chapters about the energy balance. The following chapter can be useful for you though: Theory → Introduction and Basic Equations → Equilibrium, stress, and state storage → Energy balance.

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Thanks for your reply.