*COUPLING doesn't seem to be recognized in ccx 2.17

I’m trying to run using *coupling in one of my projects with ccx 2.17 but I get a “card image can not be interpreted” warning and the code proceeds without applying the coupling constraint.

I went back to the documentation and found that the relevant example is “coupling1”.

I just tried running “coupling1” with ccx 2.17 and diffed the dat file I get and the reference dat file and found that ccx 2.17 doesn’t seem to consider the coupling constraint consistently. I find the same warning (card image *COUPLING can not be interpreted).

I’d be grateful if you could tell me the reason/workaround for this.

P.S.: This portal doesn’t seem to allow me to even upload a text file.

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I just ran example coupling1 with version 2.17 on my Linux workstation and did not get this error message. Did you compile from scratch?


Thank you for the response. I did not compile CCX from scratch, I just downloaded the binaries from the website. Would you recommend compiling?


Yes, I would always recommend to compile from source. Every system is slightly

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