Contact problem with overlapping mesh results

Hello calculix’s masters!
Does anyone know how to solve the overlapping mesh problem of pair contact region while this 3D object moving (inserting) into another such as below photo(black & red )?
Although the process of this calculation is success, it seems to be something wrong in this results.

Hi ,

You have a nice tutorial on this :

Find attached the inp file.

However, my case .inp files setting is the same as yours!
The problem is that a black plastic pin is inserted into a red plastic hole, but the mesh on the interfaces are overlapping(even my mesh is quite small).
Could you know how to prevent from this overlapping phenamona?

This looks more like an interference-fit-pressure problem.

You also have a nice example with files an further discussion on :

The problem is based on another video tutorial:

Find associated inp file.

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We had a discussion about interference fit modeling here:

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