CoFEA Initiative

Hello everyone!

I found this forum and I think there might be some users here interested in what I am doing at the moment
I am a FEA analyst who is really into spreading the message about computer simulations. Especially about everything what can be done with opwn-source software. That is why I have set up a project called CoFEA Initiative. You can read more about it in the link below, but basically my aim is to create a knowledge base for all users of open-source simulation software. By that I mean building website on how to compile codes under Linux, building a benchmark database and also try to test the software with real engineering problems. Everything is available on GitHub so everyone can access, use it and contribute. That is also a reason why I am writing here - would somebody be interested in contributing to this project?



hi, interesting project. i found a demo video below.

COFEA Project

are this project publicly, is there any link to download a binary executable?

I stopped developing that after few months. I have got the scripts somewhere, but the code is really a mess. I would also do it now in a very different way :wink: