Cannot open file 'WarnNodeMissMultiStage.nam': Permission denied*


After some unsuccessful attempts to run an .inp from MECWAY I have decided to run it directly form the command line. After repeated attempts I have finally found that the WarnNodeMissMultiStage.nam file was trying to be saved at the same folder where I have ccx. That folder doesn’t have write permission and was stoping the analisys.

This is the message that has emerged in the cmd.

At line 63 of file multistages.f (unit = 40)
Fortran runtime error: Cannot open file ‘WarnNodeMissMultiStage.nam’: Permission denied

Ccx v2.19 MKL OOC version compiled according to the Mecway distribution instruction.


I think what might be happening here is that most of the output files (.frd, .dat, .12d, .sta, .cvg, etc.) have names beginning with the jobname which probably includes the path if you specified that on the command line, but the warnnodemiss*.nam files don’t include the jobname so they probably get written to the current directory which would be wherever you ran CCX from.

I handle this by always running CCX from the same directory as the .inp file is located in, then all output files go there.

Yes, could be the reason
Thanks Victor.