Calculix stops without error when using multistage


I am trying to use a tie constraint with the multistage parameter (nodes are coincidental). The respective lines in the input file are:



s24_sec, s24_pri

Unfortunately, calculix stops after reading the input file without any message or error. All I get is:

   property cards:            0

 STEP            1

 *INFO reading *STEP: nonlinear geometric
       effects are turned on

Does somebody possibly know what could be the issue?


So it works without this parameter ? Its usage is rather uncommon in cyclic symmetry analyses but there are some tips and examples mentioned in the documentation:

Adjacent structures with datum sectors which differ in size can be calculated by tying them together with the *TIE,MULTISTAGE keyword. This works well if the size difference of the datum sectors is not too large. This is illustrated by file multistage.inp in the test examples.

The parameter MULTISTAGE is used to tie two coincident nodal surfaces (no face based surfaces allowed) each of which belongs to a different datum sector. In that way two axially neighboring datum sectors can be tied. In this case, the order in which the user specifies the surfaces is not relevant: the surface belonging to the smallest datum sector is taken as master surface. The larger datum sector should not extend the smaller datum sector by more than once the smaller datum sector, no matter in what circumferential direction (clockwise or counterclockwise). This option should not be used in the presence of network elements.