CalculiX mesh export for Cubit

Hello everyone,

i recently made a plugin to add a mesh export option for CalculiX into Coreform Cubit.
As it is now, the mesh with nodesets and sidesets can be exported.

If someone wants to try it, you can get the plugin on Github.

best regards

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Hi Norbert!

It’s awesome that you’re pushing forward the open source, especially Calculix software. Thank you!

If you would like to host your project in the Calculix organization on GitHub - let me know. URL could be

Hi Ihor,

thanks for your invitation! I would gladly take your offer. What do you need me to do?

Dear Norbert,

Please, in the project settings scroll down to the Danger Zone, then click Transfer. As username type ‘calculix’. Those actions will move your project to the CalculiX organization. All your permissions will remain, so it’s safe.

Later, if you’d like, you can rename the project to ‘cubit’, to make url shorter. After transfer and renaming all previous urls still will be accessible. So you won’t loose your rank in the Google search results.

Projects hosted in the organization receive more stars and more user attention. So, thank you for joining and welcome!