CalculiX Component for Cubit

Hello everyone,

i have updated my plugin to a full component now.

The preprocessing for CalculiX can now be done with Coreform Cubit.

Build and Source on Github

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Thank you @NorbertH !!

interesting, especially in their Hex-Dominant meshing capabilities.

i seen a Post-Processor icons at the right top, any reason to not to use?


If you just need a shortcut to you postprocessor and there you load the results manually, then there is no reason.

For autoload of the results in the postprocessor you could use the buttons in the job monitor or the menu in the tree or the command line. The paths to the result files are passed via the command line arguments to the postprocessor.

I can’t dynamically change the options for the postprocessor button in cubit.
Via the SDK i also don’t have access to modify the widgets from the GUI. I can only delete GUI Items but thats it. So the component is made as addon, that should not interfere with the standard CUBIT functionality or other custom plugins and components.

The next things i want to implement are a .dat file reader to make plots and a result converter to paraview so that i can use the multiblocks functionality.

If you need features or keywords from calculix for your current workflow, please let me know so that i can implement them.

You may want to take a look at this one: CalculiX Extras

Thanks, I’m already aware about the exodus option. But currently i don’t have a plan about how i will be solving the converter issue as i have another longterm project i need to finish before (Master Thesis).

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Got it.

Best of luck with the thesis!

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